Looking for suitable subjects, I ventured into the Swiss Alps exploring creeks.

Introduction to Swiss Alps Exploration

This post was previously published on ExpediTom and adapted for ShutterTom. There is an additional section covering information regarding photography at the end of this post.

The forecast predicted that a cold front is coming in from Sunday to Monday, but in the morning it should be fine. Therefore, I planned a quick trip into the Bernese Swiss Alps. The aim was threefold.

First, I wanted to check out the creeks for photography and fishing. Secondly I needed to wear in my new Lowa hiking boots because my military boots were not that suitable in Patagonia. Thirdly I was not outdoors for too long. Thus, I undertook this mini-exploration.

Field Diary Exploring Creeks

I was not fully aware of how cold it is in the mountains and was surprised by fresh 6 Celsius degree. Shorts was definitely a bad choice. Arriving at the train station, I checked the bus schedule. Given that the valley is pretty remote, the bus does not service all stations throughout the year. The plan was to hike into the valley and take the bus ride back. However, the bus station at the end was out of service. Hence, I had to adjust my route to this changing conditions and shortened it accordingly.

I continued my journey deeper into the forest. The snow topped mountains looked magnificent and the clouds gave the scenery a moody touch. Given I had not had breakfast yet, I took a break with goat cheese, bread and the DJI Mavic Pro. The quick drone flight to get a view of the surrounding, revealed a surprisingly beautiful composition.

Spectacular views along the mountain creek in the Swiss Alps with the lush green vegetation while exploring creeks in the backcountry of Switzerland.
Spectacular views along the mountain creek in the Swiss Alps with the lush green vegetation.

At the lake – or rather what once was a lake – I went to the waterfall first, but the views from below were not that amazing. Then I walked around to the other side. The meandering creek looked amazing from the ground but what would it look like from a birds view?

Birds view on the meandering creeks in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.

A known face in the Swiss Alps

From far away I saw another man standing with a white controller in his hands. Shortly after, I hear the familiar sound of a drone. Walking up the the guy, it turned out to be Martin Maegli the professional photographer who made the blog Naturbild – Check him out!

Martin Mägli from Naturbild working on the composition for a timelapse.

He is a very likeable person and is open to talk about gear, compositions and travels. While I took some more drone shots, he set up a timelapse after I pointed out the fast-moving clouds. When I finished my drone flight, he took the last shot for his short timelapse sequence and then suggested to drive me down to the train station. I happily agreed.

Thanks Martin for the ride it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you.

Although the waters were not fishable at this time, I am convinced this place will make a beautiful fly fishing trip on another day with less meltwater and the photogenic sujets offered by the creeks were superb.

Technical Aspects Photography in the Swiss Alps

Durin this exploration, the advantage of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) became clearly visible. This new technology allows for unseen visuals and offers new possibilities in photography. However, it mus not always be as high as possible. A few meters above one’s head is sometimes enough to achieve stunning aerials. I use the DJI Mavic Pro and am very satisfied with the image quality. Whenever you want to fly your drone in Switzerland, please check the location beforehand on this drone map from BAZL (Bundesamt für Zivile Luftfahrt) and make sure you read and understand our regulations.

If you are interested in obtaining a picture used in this post, do not hesitate to contact me.

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